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The Association was established in 2001 by nathuropaty operators, physicians and therapists
with the task to promote a pattern of intercultural health and care accessible and reasonable for everyone.

Through the years Shen developed pilot experiences based on a synergy between both scientific and holistic approach,  and between knowledge coming from different therapeutic traditions; such sinergy is considered by Shen operators necessary for both research, diagnosis and prevention work, together with the need to integrate different medical systems, which must not be in opposition  but mutually integrated.

Shen has been constantly involving representatives of the different immigrant communities with skills and academic titles/qualifications in the field of health care and specialized in traditional medicine in their own countries existing (Sri Lanka, Senegal, China, Costa d’Avorio
 and women from Eastern Europe countries); the final users and the collaborators of the Centre come mostly from these countries.

Shen Activities:

  • Therapy(nonconventional/complementary practices)

  • Operators training

  • Sensitizationcampaigns

  • Meetingsand tutorials (foot refexlology, ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, massage techniques from traditional Chinese medicine, russian and Indian tradition)

  • Educational activities  carried out in the schools and related to:

    • Prevention

    • Plants and therapeutical effects (in cooperation with Naples Botanical Garden)

    • ADHD Hyperactivity Disorder – Laboratories with parents and children carried out in schools

    • Nutrition and alimenatry diseases: educational paths with students and parents

    • Relaxing techniques: yoga, massage and foot massage.

    • Eyes health: the “Bates method”

    • Health and prevention during childhood and adolescence.

  • Projects

The centre takes part to local projects and programs, in cooperation with universities, institutions and schools. One of the current projects is  “Sportello Salute senza Frontiere”  in cooperation with Naples Provincial Government - Immigration Councillorship.

Today Shen works in constant cooperation with  health centres and physicians  within the National Health System; Specifically, in last years Shen has been cooperating with the health centre for immigrants of Ascalesi Hospital in Naples, such cooperation includes two aspects:

  1. Research on the accessibility to health care services from immigrants.

  2. Integration between the western therapies and “natural therapies” in health care/wellbeing (Massages, Nutrition, Relaxing techniques).


Vico S. Pietro a Majella 6
80100, Napoli
+39/380 7184136


Shen for immigrants