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T-SHARE - Transcultural Skills for Health and Care is an LLP  - Leonardo da Vinci - Multilateral Projects for Development of Innovation, lasting two years (2009-2011)project, which involves nine partners from five European countries: Italy, Portugal, France, Slovenia and Norway. The coordinating body is the Local Health Unit 2 Naples North (Italy).

T-SHARE seeks to promote and develop transcultural approach to cure in health care services in Europe, with particular attention to women's health and mental health. The goal is to help respond to emerging training needs in the sector, linked to the increase of users immigrants living in Europe and their demand for health care, prevention, but also of inclusion, participation and shared planning of health services.

T-SHaRE develops methodologies and tools for the continuous learning and the recognition of competences learned in a non-formal and informal settings both for practitioners and for cultural mediators.

T-SHaRE actively engages users, privileged witnesses, cultural mediators, researchers, practitioners and other professionals working in the field, both in the analysis of training needs of health services, and in the realization of pilot experiences to manage culturally-sensitive services addressed to women's health and mental health.

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