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Nasjonal kompetanseenhet for minoritetshelse


NAKMI is a governmental unit initiated by the Ministry of Health.

The aim of NAKMI is to become a meeting point for minority healthissues in Norway, especially for competence concerning somatic and mental health care of immigrants and refugees. The existing knowledge of minority health is scattered among several small groups, specialities and interested parties.

NAKMI seeks to map and coordinate this knowledge. The centre will also do research and networking as well as information activities. Main target groups are health personnel, scientists and other groups engaged in health care for minorities.

The objective of establishing a national unit is to ultimately offer equal medical treatment to all citizens of Norway. NAKMI’s focus will be on issues of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural nature. Through all his activities  wishs to contribute to increased knowledge of minority health and over time to ensure vulnerable minorities and their kin a culture-sensitive and appropriate treatment.

Sosterhjemmet, Ullevaal Universitetssykehus
0407 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 23 01 60 60                
Fax: +47 23 01 60 61