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Centre médico-psycho-social Françoise MINKOWSKA

The Françoise Minkowska Centre is a medico–psycho-social centre. It is a structure, which provides medical, psychological and social consultations for migrant and refugee patients from in and around the areas of Paris.
Eight multidisciplinary and multilingual teams - psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers -  allows the Centre to offer :
* Access to common law services for the migrant patients who are the more destitute,
 * To take care of migrant patients and refugees reporting psychopathological disorders within the clinical medical anthropology’s framework,
* An intercultural proficiency to answer needs and requests of the health, social, education and law professionals,
* Preventive and promotional work for the mental health of migrant people and refugees.

 Minkowska centre has the following units: Clinical centre, Centre of Intercultural research about Mental Health (PRISM), Training centre, Documentation communication Centre

Centre médico-psycho-social Françoise MINKOWSKA
Rue Jacquemont 12
75 017 PARis, France
++  /  33 (0) 1 53 06 85 00