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KULTURNO DRUŠTVO GMAJNA (KD Gmajna) is a non profit public association found in 2002 in order to implement cultural, educational and art activities. Some key activities represent elaborating tools on knowledge sharing by means of reciprocal knowledge production; advisory activity and support to self-organized migrant communities to have an access to legal and social services, organization of trainings using methodology of militant investigation. Association is also engaged in research and practices around the issues of social rights, citizenship, migration and integration. KD Gmajna is active in alternative multimedia production as a part of Social Centre Rog and other initiatives concerning current topics on migration, social inclusion and many other (

During the last 6 years we have made almost 15 short documentaries on different subjects such migration, no border camps, detention centre, issue on Erased of Slovenia, Euromayday activities of precarious workers, and etc. In 2007 and 2009 we widely covered migrant workers’ living conditions in so called “samski domovi” i.e. dormitories for workers coming mostly from the former republics of Yugoslavia. KD Gmajna is the part of self-organized initiatives of migrants as IWW (Invisible Workers of the World), refugee and sans-papier initiative World for everyone. 

Web sites: and available at this moment in Slovenian and partly in Serbo-Croatian.


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SI - Slovenia

+ 386 40 552 562