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Associazione Franz Fanon


Associazione Franz Fanon (AFF) is an interdisciplinary group (psychologists, psychiatrists, cultural mediators, social workers, cultural anthropologists) involved in the fields of health, migration, cultures. The Association is engaged in the improvement of clinical activities related to migrants’ mental health. AFF’s main fields of activities are:

  1. Training and counselling for cultural mediators, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers. These activities are included in a larger project aimed at improve innovative competences in the health care services (“Cultural Competences)

  2. Research about medical anthropology and ethno-psychiatry

  3. Manage psychotherapy, psycho-social support, counselling services addressed to migrants, not accompanied minors, trafficking victims, torture victims, refugees, asylum seekers. The services are provided since 1997 within ASL Torino 1 (Public Local Health Unit).

Associazione Frantz Fanon Torino
c/o Centro Sereno Regis, Via Garibaldi 13
10123 Torino - Italy
+ 390116704811