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Centro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia

CRIA - Centro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia is a not for profit inter-institutional centre for social and cultural anthropology. This national platform in anthropology provides scientific research leadership and is organized to optimize intellectual and material resources, while promoting new research opportunities at both national and international levels. Within The CRIA there is the NAS -Núcleo de Antropologia da Saúde/ Medical Anthropology Network. It explores the connections between health and culture in the experiences of different social groups and to examine the ways in which issues of risk and pathology interlock with social factors such as poverty, racism, gender, migration, colonial history, health policies and social exclusion. The network focuses, in particular, on developing research activities, as well as promoting the scientific results for practical purposes, in the field of health and migration in colonial, metropolitan and contemporary contexts. The main aim is to develop a comprehensive theory of the therapeutic process that connects therapeutic and political power to an exploration of mind-body interactions, tracing the mediation of moral and physiological domains of experience. NAS focuses not only on medical anthropology, but also on the anthropology of public health. Furthermore, CRIA strictly cooperates with GIS, an interdisciplinary group founded in 2006 dealing with the immigrants’ health.