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 The ASL Naples 2 North is a structure of the Regional Health System of Campania, a South Italian Region. The ASL has approximately one million residents and territory includes 32 municipalities, with 2 islands, 13 Health districts, 5 Hospitals, 5 local departments, 4.000 workers, a total area of 41.143 Sq. Km; The A.S.L. (before ASL Napoli 2) since 2004 has set up the cultural mediation in health services, that  permitted to have foreign operators, whith their cultures, building a  bridge between migrants and Health Services. There is a dedicated space of medical practice to regular or irregular immigrants with no health coverage and unable to pay treatment. This allows a first contact that filters access to more complex health services and gives information and orientation to access to care services also to   immigrants otherwise invisible to the “State” for their condition of illegality. Doctors are engaged specifically to treat immigrants in this condition, allowing a trust relation to grow between doctor and patient. A service of cultural mediators facilitates to make team building and “know how” growing in the care givers. Over 8.000 general practice medical visits a year. Over 12.000 immigrants have passed through dedicated services up till now (since year 2003). ASL Naples 2 North  has 1.500 new accesses a year. Since 1997, ASL Napoli 2 Nord organizes training of staff on Assessment and Quality, Emergency-Urgency, Teamwork and management skills, Computer Science and New Technologies, Communication and Public Relations, Monitoring of vaccination activities, Medical Care, in agreement with the National Programme of Continuing Medical Education. The “Equal Opportunities Committee” promotes positive action in accordance with EU directives..


Via Corrado Alvaro 8

 80078 Monteruscello,  Pozzuoli (NA) - Italy

Tel.:+39/0813050429 Fax: +39/081/3050429

Contact person: Rosa Dell’Aversana