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ARACNE - associazione di promozione sociale

ARACNE is a not for profit organisation founded in 2005 by a group of women after an experience of collaboration, still in progress.

ARACNE is an open and collaborative network of project designers, researchers, interactive and multimedia communication experts, trainers and social workers.

It aims at promoting active citizenship, rights and people empowerment  through a shared construction of knowledge, lifelong learning, communication and ICT.

ARACNE produces methodologies and tools for the knowledge processes management.

It develops research, training and consulting in the field of education, VET and orientation; of social interventions and equal opportunities policies; of gender differences of migration and interculturalism; of learning communities and territorial virtual networks.

It develops and implements projects, initiatives and interventions at both local and transnational level, in collaboration with universities, research centers, associations, social cooperatives, SMEs, training centers, local institutions, public services, school.